We build custom containers used as mobile command centers, mobile tire repair centers, weapons storage, maintenance centers, and a wide range of military and commercial applications. Our containers are air and truck transportable.

We specialize in wheel systems and wheel system components. We have some of the most innovative solutions for CTIS, both in terms of technology and pricing. We have both military and commercial off-road solutions.


WSI provides a variety of products and services for wheeled applications. From large presses to remove run-flats from military vehicles to Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS). We provide custom solutions for struts, axles, tires, and anything associated with wheels.

WSI has been awarded US government contracts for their custom design and manufacture of air transportable 8H x 8W x 20L - ISO Containers, which expands into 8H x 20W x 24L Workshop Shelters. We design and manufacture Containers in a variety of configurations, Quad-Con, Tri-Con, Bi-Con, and 20 & 40 ISO Containers and more. Our shelters are designed for Auto Repair Centers, Communication Centers, Tire Repair Centers, Weapons Repair Centers, and Tactical Operations Centers, etc Some of our shelters have incorporated Load Handling Systems (LHS) for transportation and can be designed to be fully self supported shelters, to include GenSets, HVAC, Electrical, Insulated, etc


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